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Chicago Area Foreclosure Attorney Fights Wrongful Foreclosure

Illinois lawyer protecting clients’ rights to home ownerhip for more than 35 years

You worked hard to purchase your dream home. When unexpected circumstances occur that put your home at risk of foreclosure, you can take crucial steps to ensure your lender complies with its legal duties. Gilbert C. Schumm has been protecting homes from foreclosure for more than 35 years. The Law Offices of Gilbert C. Schumm combines innovative strategies with fierce determination to defend your right to keep your home. When selling your home presents the better option, we guide you toward the most advantageous situation. The ways we can help you include:

  • Foreclosure defense
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Mortgage modification
  • Loan forbearance
  • Short sale guidance and preparation
  • Deeds in lieu of foreclosure

Foreclosure defense strategies Attorney Gilbert C. Schumm fights banks to protect your home from wrongful foreclosure by challenging the legality of the proceedings. If necessary, we can help you file a Chapter 13 petition to stop the foreclosure action.

Mortgage modification If your home has dropped in value to below your outstanding loan amount or you no longer can afford your monthly payments under your current mortgage, you may be eligible for a loan modification. Gilbert C. Schumm negotiates with the bank to have the terms of the original loan permanently changed to reduce payments to an amount you can afford.

Loan forbearance Forbearance gives you a temporary reprieve from making payments on your loan while your lender agrees not foreclose on your home during the forbearance period. The arrangement can give you a much-needed break if you have fallen behind in your payments.

Short sale During the real estate bubble, many homes were overvalued and mortgages issued that reflected the inflated price. Home values plummeted and now many homeowners owe more on their properties than they are worth. With no equity in their properties, these homeowners have found themselves stuck in a cycle of debt from which they cannot extricate themselves. A short sale allows you to sell your home for less than the amount you owe on the loan. The bank avoids the expense and time for foreclosure, and you can walk away from the oppressive debt.

Deed in lieu of foreclosure Much like a short sale, a deed in lieu of foreclosure allows you to relinquish your interest in your home for the amount of the loan by exchanging your deed for the loan cancellation. Gilbert C. Schumm aggressively negotiates with your lender and meticulously prepares the agreement to ensure you do not lose your home and still remain saddled with the loan, but instead you are truly relieved of the debt.

Contact an Illinois foreclosure defense attorney to schedule your free consultation Law Offices of Gilbert C. Schumm is located in Grove Village, Illinois and serves clients in Chicago, Joliet and Wheaton and throughout Cook, Du Page and Will Counties. Call us at 847-559-9109 or contact us online for a free initial consultation. We are eager to put our experience to work for you.

Illinois Lawyer Wins Social Security Disability Cases

Chicago area law firm secures benefits for disabled clients

It is a common misconception that disability benefits are immediately available to you the moment after you become disabled. This is simply not true. Attorney Gilbert C. Schumm stands ready to explain the Social Security disability process to you. As a preliminary matter, you must demonstrate the following to be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits:

  • You worked for a certain amount of time during the years before you became disabled. SSDI candidates who do not meet this history of earnings threshold may only be eligible for Supplemental Insurance Income (SSI) benefits. For candidates who meet this threshold, the dollar amount of your disability compensation depends in part on your history of earnings.
  • Your disability meets the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) definition of disability. According to the SSA, you qualify for SSDI only if: (1) you cannot do the work you did before you became disabled, (2) you cannot perform another job in your current medical condition, and (3) your doctor expects that your injury will last for at least one year or result in death.

There are delays between the date of your disability’s onset and the date when your disability benefits begin. You are not entitled to SSDI payments for six months after the date of onset of your disability. Medicare payments begin 30 months after the onset of your disability. The program also limits eligibility based on your monthly earning capacity. At the Law Offices of Gilbert C. Schumm, we can explain the Social Security disability program to you in greater detail during a one-on-one initial consultation.

If you are ineligible for SSDI benefits, you may be eligible for SSI benefits If you are disabled and continue to earn more than what the SSDI program allows because there is no financial alternative for your family, you may qualify for SSI benefits. The SSA will use a precise formula to calculate your eligibility based on your current earning capacity and your current medical expenses. At Law Offices of Gilbert C. Schumm, we will assess your case and help you explore your legal options, including alternative sources of income and healthcare options.

SSI benefits are available to disabled children or disabled adults who have limited access to resources and income and do not meet the earnings requirement for SSDI. To qualify for SSI benefits, you must show that your impairments keep you from obtaining substantial gainful employment and your impairments can be expected to result in death or to last for at least 12 months.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation Law Offices of Gilbert C. Schumm is dedicated to helping people like you get the information you need to navigate the Social Security Disability system. Call us today at 847-559-9109 or contact us online for a free initial consultation on the facts of your case. Please download the check list below to help us help you.

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If you are buying, you should see a lawyer before you sign a contract so that the contract can be reviewed before you sign something you do not understand. A home purchase is probably the biggest investment you will make, and it is essential that you have an attorney if you are buying OR selling.

The cost of an attorney is small in comparison to the cost of correcting a bad real estate purchase after the contract has been signed. The seller always has an attorney and you as the buyer should have an attorney, too.

Please call me with your questions: 847-559-9109.

If you are owed money or if someone has given you a bad check, protect your rights by pursuing a collection action with the help of an attorney.

Attempting to collect a debt on your own can be confusing and difficult. The court rules are complicated. Without an experienced attorney to help, you may end up getting nowhere and spending a lot of money on court costs. If you obtain a judgment for your debt, that judgment earns nine percent per year. However, obtaining the judgment is just the beginning of the process.

Collection on the judgment is complicated, and you will need the services of an experienced attorney. Often you will pay no attorney fees unless you collect.

Please contact me to discuss your options in pursuing the money you are owed.

Chicago Area Juvenile Law Firm Gives Juveniles a Second Chance

Protecting rights of young clients for more than 35 years

Law Offices of Gilbert C. Schumm in Elk Grove Village has devoted more than 35 years to helping juveniles and their families understand their legal options. When you work with us, you can be confident that knowledgeable and professional juvenile law attorneys — who understand the Illinois juvenile system and the state’s courts — are on your side. We have represented juveniles in state and federal courts in a wide array of juvenile criminal and non-criminal cases, which have included:

  • Underage drinking
  • Theft crimes
  • Drug offenses
  • Vandalism
  • Criminal trespass
  • Shoplifting
  • Assault and battery
  • Parental neglect of a minor
  • CHIPS (Children in Need of Protection or Services)
  • At-Risk Youth (ARY)
  • Adoption
  • Guardianship
  • Dependencies

At Law Offices of Gilbert C. Schumm, our experience enables us to anticipate how judges, Child Protective Services (CPS) case workers and other attorneys may approach your case.

Protecting future educational and employment prospects If your child is accused of, charged with or investigated in connection with a criminal offense, time is of the essence. Delay can cause valuable legal advantages to be lost while you are waiting to secure legal representation. We understand the severity of the situation and work diligently to ensure that your child’s mistakes don’t follow him or her into adulthood. Our wealth of trial experience gives us a thorough understanding of the defense tactics to which juvenile courts and judges respond favorably. We also pursue sentencing options to prevent a youth from acquiring a criminal record that can limit future prospects.

Your personal guide and advocate Attorney Gilbert C. Schumm is aware of the sensitive nature of juvenile cases. We truly care about our clients. We work to ensure your case is handled confidentially and discreetly. Whether you are accused of child abuse, neglect or family violence or are looking for legal help regarding the guardianship of a minor, we are able advocates and guides. To have your juvenile law case dealt with constructively, call Law Offices of Gilbert C. Schumm today.

Contact a juvenile law attorney for a free initial consultation When you find yourself facing the Illinois juvenile law system, choose a juvenile law attorney with the experience to make a difference. Call Law Offices of Gilbert C. Schumm at 847-559-9109 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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